Friday, January 16, 2015

Boring words update #1

Hello again. I want to do my best to post any kind of update at the minimum of every two days. Sometimes this means that I won't be able to attach a flashy .gif image of a cool new thing, as much as I'd like to.

In development of the new enemy type, I've discovered that some untraceable mistake is affecting the system at which enemies mirror their sprites to face the player. I've tested this extensively and found out that it affects anything that doesn't have a certain behavior, not just the advanced enemy that I was working on. This is a pretty significant bug, and the cause as to why trying to make that enemy was not ending in success.

This means I have to do something very annoying. I am not scrapping everything and starting over. It's not that bad, however, I do have to save all sound and art assets, write down all important number settings, transfer everything to a blank slate, and do extreme break-testing after I redo all of the event placement. This will probably take about a day in me-time, and that's really going to suck.

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