Sunday, January 11, 2015

Construct stress, among other things.

Small update here. I heavily modified the vial weapon shown in the previous post. Now you can modify the arc trajectory based on holding the firing button, and it even has an effect to show you when the trajectory is being modified and when it isn't. It could easily be the most complex thing I've made so far, more so than what I'm showing today which is the prototype light shield. I'll demonstrate the advanced vial at a different time.

It works! Also boring sentry enemy! Yay!
Some other stress: I am making the game in the Construct 2 engine. So far it is hands-down one of the best software tools I have ever used. Powerful, simple, and great support. The paid edition is not expensive at all for the power that it offers, and I was aware of the limitations of the free version when starting this project.

Simply put; I'm going to have to save different instances of the project with multiple aspects removed, and puzzle-piece these split aspects back together when I get my hands on a paid version. Complicated, but still possible to work around.

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